Cortical Dynamics Research Group

led by

P.D. Dr. Jonas-Frederic Sauer

We investigate the dynamics of brain circuit activity in health and disease.

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Team members

Hannah Muysers

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Ole Sylte

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SeongHee Cho

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Vasilisa Zhukova

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We focus on how the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), a brain region critical for higher cortical functions, and its downstream targets enable cognitive and emotional behaviour of mice by investigating network function with a panel of in vivo methods. First, by probing the mPFC circuitry with long-term 1-photon calcium imaging, we aim to reveal organizational principles of neocortical activities over multiple timescales. Second, using mouse models of psychiatric illness, we aim to uncover how circuit dysfunction leads to behavioural deficits. We thus seek to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the neuronal network mechanisms controlling emotional and cognitive states.


We use 1-photon calcium imaging from freely moving mice to investigate the dynamics of neuronal activity over time. Our goal is to understand how the activation of groups of neurons in various brain regions is regulated over behaviourally relevant timescales.

Selected publications:

Muysers et al., 2024

Sylte et al., 2024




Dr. Shani Folschweiller

Dr. Lars Voss

Dr. Jonatan Biskamp